Earth Day Bookmark


Use an old Christmas Card or Greetings Card that you’d usually throw away or put in the recycling

  1. Cut a piece off the card about 7-8 cm wide, and as long as you like
  2. Fold the card in half longwise with the picture on the outside
  3. Cut slits about half a cm wide diagonally up the card, from the folded side, but don’t cut all the way through – leave at least 1 cm at the end
  4. Open out the card flat
  5. Start folding down the upside down V shapes from the top. Fold one, then miss one, then fold one, and so on
  6. Tuck the pointed end of the folded down V behind the one below to lock it
  7. When you reach the bottom, stop
  8. Stick the card onto an slightly bigger card to make a bookmark, or a new card