The Guide Programme

Guides have a rich and varied programme, which they decide about, which includes things like:

  • outdoor activities such as sailing, abseiling, Treasure Hunts and camping, both in units and at big international camps like Poacher and Peak,
  • arts and crafts
  • challenges and badges
  • leadership and teamwork
  • food and cooking
  • games and sports (like climbing)
  • character and ethics
  • special events such as The Big Gig.
  • international activities and awareness of diversity
  • community action, helping locally and internationally
  • FUN

The Guide programme is based on:

  • discovery of new experiences and challenges
  • healthy lifestyles
  • global awareness
  • skills and relationships
  • celebrating diversity

Patrols: Guides work in Patrols of 4-8 girls, and can do Go for It! Badges as a group.

Badges: Guides work for annual Challenge Badges as they go through Guides. After gaining 2 challenge badges, they can start their Baden-Powell Challenge, and from 13 can do the Commonwealth Award. Guides can also do interest badges.

G-File: Guides work from a G-File which is a record of everything they have done in Guides

The Guiding method supports the development of girls and young women through the 5 essentials:

  • Working together in small groups
  • Decision making as individuals and groups
  • A balanced and varied programme which is girl-led
  • Care for individual girls and their fulfillment
  • A shared commitment to a common standard

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