Guides are girl-led. This blog is written by them.

Guides brings us together and makes memories. The experiences that we are able to have are amazing and I enjoy them all

At Guides there is not much you can’t do. Everything is always great and everyone has a great big smile

I like Guides because we get to do exciting things with our friends. Guides help me keep in touch with old friends and make new friends

I like playing games with the Guides

I like camping with Guides and playing games out and about

I really like Guides because there’s always fun things to do and now so many people have joined, we always have people to talk to and play with! Its so much better than Brownies: we do so much more great things

I like Guides because I get to make new friends and meet old friends. My favourite things to do at Guides is to play games and go out and about into town. Everyone is nice and supports your ideas. They also make you laugh

The thing I like about Guides is that there are’nt many people. We also get priveleges which other people don’t get. A Guide includes everyone and is always fair and we get to go on holidays

I like meeting new people. I like the uniform. I love how you are trusted. Lots of camps. I love the food. We keep warm. I love how we have a chance and to try new things

I really like Guides they do more exciting things than Brownies. I cannot wait to go to Poacher. The activities are exciting and I just wish Guides went on forever not just up to 14.

One of the main reasons I enjoy coming is becuase I can be myself without being judged

Guides is fun and all the girls and leaders are all so caring and we have lots of fun on many trips and camps

In Guides you get to learn things you never learn at school and you can make new friends

Favourite things so far:

  • London Holiday
  • Law twister
  • Cooking with chocolate
  • Campfires
  • Racing tic tac toe game
  • Fair trade chocolate game
  • Volleyball
  • Geocaching
  • Deciding things ourselves