Summer Term 2016


  • Starting Guides - making our own traditions
  • Making our mugs - every Guide decorates a mug which says what she likes to drink
  • Planning the programme - what shall we do this term?
  • The Promise and Law - our foundation
  • Choosing Patrols and Choosing a Go For it


  • Go for it Chocolate, try Aztec hot chocolate, design a new chocolate wrapper and market it, if you were a chocolate what would you be? team game, fairtrade chocolate game
  • Learning the Law - twister
  • London Holiday - Guide Holiday Badge, London Badge


  • 20 challenges in 20 minutes
  • Queens Birthday street party (Community action - Brownies)
  • Mission Spectacular Senior Section Centenary challenge badge - voted for mend a puncture, ready steady cook, geocaching
  • Ready steady cook - what can you cook with a bag of ingredients?
  • Campfire cooking - Pax Hoh. What are your favourites? See our favourite recipe section soon. Make dampers towards Traditions of Guiding badge


  • Thinktank Science Museum Birmingham Guide day
  • Woodcraft tracking signs - lay a trail for Brownies (Community Action and Traditions of Guiding)
  • Geocaching
  • Olympic beach party - towards Party Planner badge
  • Our Unit Guidelines


  • Patrol Leaders Council
  • Lea Green Activity Centre

Autumn Term 2016


  • Run games night for Brownies
  • Patrol Planning & choosing a Go for it! + Eat nettle soup challenge! Decorating mugs
  • Patrol Go for it! + the Promise & Law


Half Term


  • Film Lover badge
  • Guide Holiday weekend
  • Beatrix Potter badge
  • December
  • Party