Brassington Guides enjoy singing, campfires, and campfire cooking, so we think campfires are great

To find out how to make a campfire blanket, see Camp blanket corner on this site

There are lots of ways to build a campfire, find out about:

  • pyramid
  • log cabin
  • teepee
  • star
  • altar fire

There are lots of songs and skits. Here are some great songs for Guides:

  • Campfire’s burning
  • Black Socks
  • Boom chicka boom
  • Thunderation
  • There are no bananas in the sky
  • Singin’ in the rain
  • Land of the silver birch
  • Barges
  • Go well and safely
  • Be kind to your web-footed friends
  • A Pizza Hut
  • Quartermasters stores
  • The day I went to sea
  • An Austrian went a-yodelling
  • Canadian Vespers
  • Taps

Favourite skits include:

  • Radio Mix-up