Brassington Brownies enjoy singing, campfires, and toasting marshmallows.

There are lots of songs and skits on the Guiding UK website (with music) on: http://girlguidesong.blogspot….

We have lots of favourite songs, These are some of them:

Campfires Burning


Boom chicka boom


Do your ears hang low

There are no bananas in the sky

We are the red men

Old MacDonald

Singin’ in the rain

Make new friends

I’m taking home a baby bumble bee

This little Guiding Light of mine


Go well and safely

Brownie bells

Kum ba yah


My sister has just joined the Brownies

Be kind to your web footed friends

A Pizza Hut

The day I went to sea

An Austrian went a-yodelling


My Bonnie

Favourite skits include:

Radio Mix-up