How 1st Brassington Brownies started

Brassington Brownies began in April 1985 when 10 girls and 1 leader (Wendy Slater) met at Brassington Primary School one Wednesday night, with Mrs. Irene Blackshaw, Division Commissioner of Ashbourne Division Guides.

See a photo of Brassington Brownies in 2001.

Brassington was part of Ashbourne North District along with Longnor, Dove Valley, Parwich, and Hulland. There is only Brassington left now,and we are part of Ashbourne District. However, we have now started 1st Brassington Guides, which has 23 Guides from all over the area.

There is a memory in the village of Brownies or Guides having existed earlier in the 20th Century, but we have no records of this.