Brownie Centenary

In 2014 we celebrated 100 years of Brownies between January and July. Guides began in 1910, and their younger sisters wanted to join, so Rosebuds (soon changed to Brownies) was started in 1914.

We celebrated this by:

  • Choosing challenges
  • Camping
  • Pack holiday
  • Starquest event in Derby
  • Big Brownie Birthday Party and camp sleepover in Ashbourne District
  • Starquest event in Chesterfield
  • lots of other activities and events

Our challenge badge activities included:

  • Working out a Six code of conduct
  • Talking about what we wanted to do as a career: we had aspiring social workers, vets, doctors, farmers and lots of other ideas
  • We did lots of things in teams

For our ‘World’ Challenges:

  • We made and raced our own dragon boats
  • We found out about Brownies in the USA, and followed Snowy Owl on her trip around America
  • Turning our District Thinking Day into Russia
  • Making homes for insects

For our ‘Community’ Challenges

  • We made an art installation
  • Stayed away on a camp sleepover
  • Sang at campfires
  • Invited Rainbows to visit us for an evening
  • Joined 3 starquest days in Derby, Hulland Ward, and Chesterfield

For our ‘You’ Challenges

  • We played on an inflatable assault course
  • Made happy boxes
  • Campfire cooking including S’mores, bananas, and dampers
  • Grew flowering tubs at the village hall
  • Re-made our Brownie promise in an unusual place or an unusual way

Find out more at Girlguiding UK.